Imagine if we all used our full potential. What we could accomplish?

The idea behind Identity Blueprint was originated from author and business psychology advisor,  Sebastian Nybo. As CEO, he has led a team of psychologist, IT specialists and graphic designers, and through their diversity they have weaved together the latest understanding of the human psychology, with the modern tools of informational technology. The result speaks for it self. The Identity Blueprint profile grants the user a unique insight into his or hers strengths, talents and limitations combined into one powerful tool.

We have created Identity Blueprint from a desire to offer a widely available and easy to use yet highly advanced self-development tool. A desire founded in our professional experience of the enormous potential that can lie hidden in a human being – and the difference it makes when it’s brought into play.

We want to enable you to become the best possible version of yourself. And we want to make it possible for everyone else to do the same. In each of our careers, we have persued our dreams. And therefore we know how important it is to have a reliable road map of life’s essential values, talents and challenges.

The crucial thing is not to be this or that,

but fully to be oneself – and that is possible for every human being when we really make it a determination.

– Søren Kierkegaard