The story of Identity Blueprint

The story of how Identity Blueprint was created is a bit of an adventure that encompasses both marvelous opportunities, drama and hardship, but also helping forces that made us succeed.

Identity Blueprint is the story of how a new tool, to give us insight into the psychology behind our behavior, took form. It is one of the worlds most complex identity profiles and is still simple to use. We wanted to develop a profile not just mapping the human core identity and key talents, but also the personal limiters, which stands in the way of that we can become. We wanted to create a profile that does not put people into narrow categories, but lets the unique character of every human fully shine through. We are proud to present the first edition of Identity Blueprint, which certainly only will be even greater when the potentials have created new branches on the tree.

“Let us build a space shuttle”

It all began in early 2012 when Sebastian Nybo assembled a team with various competencies such as psychology, IT and communications. The goal was to further develop the unique energy psychology that Sebastian had already worked with for many years and which he has described in two of his books “The inner leadership” and “Be prosper and generous.” In addition, Sebastian already once previously had participated in developing an online personality profile so he had a solid foundation of both theory and practical experience.

Due to the diversity of skills within the team they took a dynamic approach to development work and there were no holy cows. All were characterized by a common desire to develop a profiling tool that not only could scratch the surface level but also go in depth and help to clarify the more hidden elements of our personality, our talents and our ability to not always choose what is best for us. Sebastian already had decades of experience with his special approach to transformational psychologywhich he had implement in a variety of organizational processes in both Danish and international companies. At the first meeting with the team, he came with a proposal that never would be forgotten – “The existing online test available today is like a good VW – but what is needed now, in the complex world of today, is a space shuttle – and that’s what we are going to build – Right? ”

A shared vision

Then began a swarm of meetings, especially on Skype, where the vision took shape. The goal was to develop a highly sophisticated jet simple tool that could bring the profiling into a whole new dimension. Models, theory and language were aligned with the new vision and a unique new system was developed. Gradually the contours took shape of a new, practical approach to self-knowledge and unique mapping of our top motivators. Based on several years of intense contemplation, exchange and many hundreds of pages of precise typing with descriptions of the psychological profiles have been prepared, and an important phase of work was completed. Identity blueprint has become a reality. There will continue to be written, adjusted and refined in our profile for the process never ends. People evolve and therefore our profile also has to continue to develop in order to reflect the real reality.

During the intensive process, we where challenged to the limit. The programming of our ambitious and complex profiling tool should prove to be a marathon. Seemingly endless corrections and challenges, replacement of labor and rising costs of translation, graphics, text processing and massive programming – did stretch us to the limit. Our morale and stamina have been tested, and along the way we have had to remind ourselves what it was all about, and why we could not give up. Sometimes it seemed as if everything that could go wrong would go wrong. Now we realized that this only made the profile even better.

Graphic identity

The team wanted a clear and typical contemporary tone so everyone could feel and sense what it was all about. In this phase, we worked with a wide range of experts who made us look at our product with fresh eyes. We let go of our darlings and discovered new qualities of the profile. The graphic that was chosen communicates a visual representation of the profile. The website was developed on the very notion that we do not ONLY deliver profiles, but we also work in depth with human identity. Our goal is that every single person can access its unique blueprint, thereby releasing its unique potential.

The recipe is simplicity and depth

The vision of Identity Blueprint has been to develop an identity profile that could describe each individual with a high degree of unique character. We have deliberately targeted at the psychological approach that provides an evolutionary or developmental perspective with great depth and many nuances. And still it is also quite simple and straightforward, because it rests on the incredibly simple building blocks we all know: will, feeling, thought, imagination, logic, passion and action. A clear principles as core types, talents, limiters and archetypes are the main building blocks. Our vision is to reach out to people with a new a unique profile with a practical approach to psychology.

The Identity Blueprint is an authentic self-coaching tool that inspires the user to look deeper and use the hidden insight to growth, more joy and a meaningful life.

Your fingerprint – is just a click away

And NOW, it is here. Your unique Identity Blueprint is waiting. It is an approximately 70 pages long, highly accurate report that you get when you have completed your Identity Blueprint. We have done what we could – but it’s really up to you. Only when you use your Identity Blueprint as a GPS and enjoy more of your life, we have succeeded.